There is a knack to stacking wood
and wrapping packages in brown paper
you learn with time.

A metal pail for White King D
saved for picking blackberries
beyond the clothes line.

A drawer-full of safety pins,
balls of string with rubber bands
and paper clips held us together

in emergencies. She survived
the Spanish Flu of 1918
birthing my father, youngest daughter

of an Edinburgh schoolmaster,
arrived in Fresno to teach the Indians
English—and me the poetry of Keats.




    Nice, John.

    I’ve attached a sonnet I wrote last week.

    Stay safe!

    Andy Wilkins

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  2. yep, sure remembering the grandmothers up here. be well you two. it is raining this morning.

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  3. Evelynne (Watanabe) Matsumoto

    So beautiful, thank you again and again and again—

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  4. John,

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