I would have flown had I known where
the rainbow ended, slogging knee-deep
down a vineyard row before kindergarten—
I believed everything my father said.

Pulling sound and intension from empty
pages, painting pleasure, an additive curse:
over granite scree to the Kern River canyon,
the roar beyond the beaver ponds reflecting

white clouds on blue islands between sugar
pines quivering from the nose of a rainbow trout
spreads across my flesh, opens a lifetime up
to great escapes that conserved my sanity.


7 responses to “RECKONING

  1. Louise Jackson

    Fantastic, John!

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  2. still looking for that pot of gold…

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  3. Nice work, John. I particularly liked the use of “intension” which, to be honest, I had to look up. It is perfectly used both as to meaning and sound. Well done!

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  4. I’ve got my date picked in July for the Kern Back Country.

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