Before the heat, Cooper’s Hawks own
the dawning, three flaps and glide
between sycamores and oaks

for squirrel or quail. Two coyote pups
have become the easy road kill
they were hunting before the snakes

and cottontails had to be peeled
from the chip seal. This old road
flows as a river of meals,

an overnight history
of the wild life at night
I missed while I was dreaming.


2 responses to “WILD LIFE

  1. Few stop to think of the cogs that man has infused in the wild things circle of life. Not domesticated, but we have surely altered the way many live and die.
    Cougars, coyotes, andbears moving to the city where the living is easy. With condos and swimming pools and eating processed food. Accepted, even adored by man, they might even take in a night Dodger game. Is this the coming of “And the wolf will dwell with the lamb”…” and the calfe and the yong lion, and the fatling together”?

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    • Yes, Richard, we’ve altered the wild life. I remember a part of my twenties as being concerned with the impacts of man on all species, but then seeing a Great Blue Heron fishing from the concrete bank of the Friant-Kern Canal. Those that can adapt will survive, as will man.


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