Dry cordwood stacked, I crave
unpredictable clouds of change,
the cold and ice, the hail and rain

and the look of snow-capped green,
black cattle grazing an angry gray—
fancy whiskey in a glass with you

inside, woodstove sucking air to flame.
No matter what the pundits say,
it doesn’t change a thing.


4 responses to “GOOD BAD WEATHER

  1. And there is no other life like it, John! We are so fortunate to live where we do!

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  2. Wow! Did you capture that beauty over the ridge!? Beautiful! I have a few shots of an upside down rainbow after a snowfall the day before! Your poetry definitely defines your life style. Very nice! Blessed!

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  3. A rainbow like a magic wand setting the hills alight. Looks as if there’s a faint double, too. Great shot.


  4. Lovely image and poem. Thank you John.


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