Red, white and blue remind
of the friends who went
and never came home,
and those that did
that can’t forget
who they had to be—

of my father
and those before him
who believed
my Country, right or wrong.
How can I not be proud
of them, yet disagree?

I submit my flag
has been stolen from me,
waved to obfuscate debate
and silence truth.
But I submit my flag
as the genius to create

                    a more prefect Union,
                    establish Justice,
                    insure domestic Tranquility,
                    provide for the common Defense,
                    promote the general Welfare,
                    and secure the blessings of Liberty,
                    to ourselves and our Posterity

in the face of future
charlatans and Kings.
I submit my flag
as the backdrop
for partisan stage plays
where heroes become outlaws.

My Country, right or wrong?


5 responses to “RIGHT OR WRONG

  1. Evelynne Matsumoto

    My father took 5 machine gun bullets during Russ-Japan war defending Asia from Russia; all 3 of my brothers served in the US Army while rest of us were incarcerated in camps during WW2; brother Harvey was drafted into service in 1940 and served directly under Gen MacArthur for 8 years, being recalled during the Korean conflict, brother Tom volunteered from the camp and served in Europe in the segregated nisei 442 RCT,injured by a land mine, a Purple Heart winner, brother Jack served in Korean conflict as did my husband, Shigeru Matsumoto in special intelligence services. Right or Wrong we are proud Americans.

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  2. Gulp!! And several deep breaths.


  3. I doubt if any came home unscathed…


  4. That’s a flag to rally round.
    Keep ’em coming, John.
    Snowed here for about half an hour after 1:00, but, at 36 degrees, it was too warm for it to stick. But we had breakfast at a friend’s house at about 2,000′, and it was snowing beautifully AND sticking.


  5. Count me in …. on this President’s Day……


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