Cooper’s Hawk



The arrival of the Cooper’s Hawk several weeks ago has thinned the coveys of quail around the house, required scouts and sentinels as they’ve quickened their step. Likewise, he’s had to change his roost as they’ve learned where to look. Startled at my desk to a flutter beyond the door, he was perched on the railing, waiting for the quail to come off the hill to water. Six feet away, this photograph is softened dramatically by both window and window screen.

I missed the shot, however, when he tried to fly through the windowed door, wings outstretched and talons hung in the screen door. It surprised and scared me enough to be spellbound, another moment where I have to be satisfied to brand it in my mind.


2 responses to “Cooper’s Hawk

  1. Lenore Brashear

    You got the view of him the prey usually gets just before oblivion. We have Coopers here. They are very talkative. They nest in a nearby oak and I can hear the young ones when they are hungry.


  2. What a great shot for your mind, as well as this one for us to enjoy! Sometimes the best shots have to remain in your mind and soul because you couldn’t get them any other way. And that’s good, too.



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