Robbin thought this a.m.’s post verged on disgusting. My apologies to the offended.

As a balance from the other end of the spectrum, one of the baby Cottontails she photographed from the garden this morning, whose parents have come to feast on the marigolds. We have declared war on the ground squirrels that have stripped the apricot tree and are working on the early peaches. Busy with cattle work, we’ve let our guard down as Mother Nature tries to move in.


2 responses to “Cottontail

  1. Lenore Brashear

    But, where are the young hawks? Baby cottontail would be a delicious change from squirrel.
    Sorry to rain on Robbin’s parade.
    I raised a baby cottontail once on an eyedropper. It’s mama had been killed by the hay mower. It died anyway from Tuleremia when I brought it some grass from outside. Should have stuck with the rabbit pellets and lettuce. That was in Wyoming where Tuleremia is indigenous.


  2. Does a bunny poop in the garden?


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