It is time for us to kiss the earth again.
                                             – Robinson Jeffers (“Return”)

We have wandered far from the roots
of our sustenance, the bloom and fruit—
with rain the eager volunteers of stalk

and seed and the herds of harvesters
that circumnavigate uneven ground
and till tomorrow’s table full. We have

lost touch, lost taste, lost our senses
for living well, close to the smell of dirt
from whence we’ve come and will rest

in the end. Instead we let our minds’
appetite for the scandalous fill hungry heads
with acrimony and self-righteousness

to feed another uncivil war. It’s time
for us to stop—take the time to kiss
this earth dressed in her many splendors.


4 responses to “RETURN

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Yes! Get back to the soil and some of the other things for everyday needs. Food, plumbing, auto repair, on and on. Where will those legislators who want to cut the career programs get their services if there is nobody to raise food or fix their toilets, trim their trees, etc——?

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  2. This earth sure could use some down-time to repair.

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  3. Brilliant. We certainly need to take a good hard look at the basics.

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  4. Beautiful and true, John. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. We read every day, and soak it up, even if we don’t write back our thanks (except through TCT). 🙂


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