We spoil them, I say—
give them everything they need
to breed, to become mothers

to their first calf—a chance
to prolong life facing nature
together, year after year

like us, and our neighbors—
like good maternal families
our future trails behind us.


4 responses to “FUTURE TRAILS

  1. Lenore Brashear

    For most of us our future depends on what we have done in the past. Did you take good care of your cows so you may reap the future rewards of healthy, weighty calves?
    Did I choose correctly to marry before finishing college or should I have waited for that degree? Our lives today depend on yesterday’s choices. Both with cows and college degrees.
    Well done metaphore for life’s choices!!!!

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  2. Your ladies of the pasture are really pretty! Long and deep bodied with feminine heads. Your care is reflected in their beauty. I would frame that photo for my office wall!

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    • Thank you Katie. Interestingly, now running with 100 head of replacement heifers, these seven were all born in the same pasture, already forming a family or clan before they calve in September.


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