Upon redbud bloom, the earth
awakens, windblown pollen
stirs the flesh anew, colored

petals dress the drab decay
of summer’s dehydration
brightly, bring bees to work

and birds to play
house, raise young families
and sing—it is this time.


One response to “THIS TIME

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Good morning!
    Beautiful morning to have. And lovely poetry to complement it.
    I just bought a redbud, it is only 3 feet high, but I expect a lot from it next year.
    I looked up the white redbud. It is called Alba and they say it is available in nurserys in CA. It’s actual name is Cercis Canadensis Alba. I suspect it might be a sneaky Eastern Redbud (Canadian?) that got taken up by the nursery trade. If your tree is white and older it is likely a rogue from a pink redbud and it will produce pink from seed but if a shoot is planted it might produce white. Try it and see.


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