Thatched and lashed with horsehair
thread, even well-built nests
have casualties, tip in a storm,

spill family overboard, and we
remain to make repairs – find reason,
where so often there is none.

If we have love, we have no choice
but to fall with them, over and over
into the void – and we do it,

not to savor grief, but to collect
what parts we can, to piece our nest
back-together again.

                                            – for Alie and Jeff




Rocked by tragedy, we repost this poem for our community. Originally dedicated to Jeff and Alie McKee in December 2010.


6 responses to “IF WE HAVE LOVE

  1. Thank you. I needed this today.


  2. May Grace bring the strength to endure.


  3. Lenore Brashear

    Lovely poem and photo. I don’t live in your area. What happened?


  4. Beautiful words bringing a lump to my throat as I think about trying to help my kids get through grief.


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