First Wagyu Branding




Though the cattle appreciate going ‘old people slow’, it makes for a long day, especially when the calves have grown past the ideal time to brand them due to our ninety days of rain since Thanksgiving. As the ground begins to dry out, all our neighbors, whom we depend on for help, are busy trying to get their calves gathered and marked as well.




Fortunately we were able to enlist some youth to help get the calves on the ground, without which the day would have been much longer. Thank you Brett Moody, Tell Blanke and Nate. Special thanks to all the old timers, our friends and neighbors, who like us, are trying to hang on to this way of life.




12 responses to “First Wagyu Branding

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Great pics!!! Could have been 100 years or more, ago. Did you get them all done, and your neighbors too? Hope so as the rain is scheduled again starting Sat. At least up here in Gold Country.

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  2. EJ would be so proud of his great-grandson Tell! Followin’ in the footsteps……your is a noble profession, John.

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  3. Peter Notehelfer

    Good Times!


  4. It must be a great mixture of emotions as the youth transition from safely watching on the outside to climbing inside the pen to become the main attraction.

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  5. WHOOOOO WHOOOO We did it!!!


  6. Rich & Shelby Hewitt

    There are few places nicer than the Sierra foothills after adequate rain. The green grass brings back special memories from when I helped the Merhten (not sure I have spelling correct) Family with their spring brandings. They had a large Shorthorn herd, both Purebred and Commercial, in the 50’s, some of my favorite years. I believe Bill Merhten still lives close to where the family ranch was headquartered. Thanks for helping me remember some of my favorite times, John.


  7. John, if you would be kind enough to tell me how to insert a photo of Shelby and I in the little box, upper right of response content, I would do so. Thanks, Rich


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