Winter’s long-entangled dance
carefree of leaves for centuries
beckons partners of the flesh—

a mood rooted in this ground
of fortitude that rules the air
we breathe, the space between

the touch of branches. Slow
gather of cattle among them—
graceful rhythm for a branding.


2 responses to “IN SYCAMORELAND

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Ahhhhhh!!! Sunshine and warmth at last. Are you branding yet? Love the Sycamores. My lonely one is starting to show some tiny buds of green. The Bluebird house that has been swinging in the wind will have some shelter. .
    It was warm enough that, while I was cleaning the barn, I could take off my jacket and work in just a sweatshirt. Haven’t done that since last fall. Supposed to continue for awhile with a small rain break next Mon & Tues.


  2. Sad when you think of how many little hands have felt the plastic of a cell phone, but no one has placed their hand on a Sycamore or Oak and told them this is a real tree. Could any tell a Juniper from a Pine? These are what saw dust comes from that your particle board furniture is made of.

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