With nearly 20″ of rain here on Dry Creek, and more at the higher elevations of the ranch, we have green grass and even a few early wildflowers. Click to enlarge to see the cattle we have yet to gather and brand at the end of the ridge, slick slopes in every direction.

The ground is so saturated that the septic system for our guest house is working in reverse.


We believe that the cream
rises to the top,
but when it really rains
so does the shit.

(one of our deck poems)

All eyes will be on the Oroville Dam as seven days of Pineapple Expresses are forecast for the Feather River watershed, 70 miles north of Sacramento.


5 responses to “Green

  1. Wow! It’s beautiful out there.


  2. Beautiful green!!!!
    The Oroville Dam emergency spillway is being “repaired” temporarily. They dropped ton bags of rocks from helicopters into the hole and they hope that will hold until the weather allows a permanent fix.
    The evacuees were still not told when they could return home. One estimate was 5 to 7 days. The town of Oroville, just below the dam, is a ghost town. This is of last night. I haven’t turned on the TV this am.


  3. Sure hope they get that dam under control.


  4. What is so remarkable about the ongoing Oroville Incident is that “government” ignored legitimate questions and concerns about a spillway structure they believed would never be needed.. No doubt whoever neglected common sense during construction can’t be found if even identified today. The Romans had a way of ensuring against this kind of failure. Architects were required to stand under the arches they built when the construction scaffolds were removed! Too bad we didn’t carry forward that useful tradition!

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    • I guess we’re just old enough to see the blind impudence of humans, not to mention the greed and power of City and County planners, to think that we can control Nature with only 150 years or so of scientific data in California. Almost every dam in the Sierras is approaching 60 years of age and needing maintenance, their architects and engineers have not lived long enough to see the impacts to our aquifers and have escaped the failure and certain demise of their bigly accomplishments.


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