Their song has survived hard ground,
the dry and dusty years, the dead and dying
trees without moisture, brittle broken roots—

sopranos, altos and baritones, a gleeful
impromptu chorus praising a month of rain,
they have survived sixty-six million years,

the asteroid’s collision, climate change
to serenade outside my window—symphonies
all this time before we walked this earth.


4 responses to “TREE FROG SYMPHONIES

  1. Oh Dad, thanks for this!!
    I met a similar tree frog serenade the night I snuck out the house on mill road alone to support the labor of Elsie’s arrival. I always felt blessed to have had these joyful guardians there on that stroll welcoming her….So cool to hear of their survival ‘superpowers’ and that your getting a ‘new life’ serenade of your own!

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  2. This is beautiful and uplifting. I’ll think of it when frogs start singing in the marsh nearby…after the winter.

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  3. great poem – and I love these little frogs

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