Like an old girlfriend,
she has moved in—first
to rise and last to bed, she stays

up to keep us from working
with more rain at once
than the earth can drink

and we say nothing, too
superstitious and polite
to complain within earshot—

with four year’s dust still
clogging veins and arteries,
we grin like idiots

stranded on an island,
water all around. In 1867,
the chickens starved in trees

and they gave boat rides,
water taxis up and down
Main Street for weeks

bringing food and freight
in from Stockton. She’s
been a good houseguest.


3 responses to “JANUARY HOUSEGUEST

  1. John, ” Water taxis on Main street” … I’ve heard that there was once a river/stream running under Acequia Ave. in Visalia.


    • Much of Mill Creek runs under the streets of Visalia. In 1955, the creek plugged by debris rose several feet above its banks on Christmas Eve, and then again in January 1956, all before Terminus Dam.


  2. Lenore Brashear

    Perhaps it is time for Rain to apologize to Sky for whatever she did to make him angry. Mountain needs time to reflect on and absorb her love.
    We are not floating here but the American River, north and middle forks are roaring with water. Probably south fork too, but I haven’t been there lately.Too bad so much of it is running off. I hope our underground supply is being replenished.
    Time for the “Old Girlfriend” to say “Hasta la vista” for awhile.


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