High cold wet fog after rain
puts a lid on summer’s cauldron
earth wet to rock, each crease
leaks rivulets into the canyon
to join a muddy creek.

Curiosity burns in his belly,
lone winter coyote edging closer
by different approaches
                    mid-day or night—
                    dogs hold him at bay
                    until he leaves the edge
                    of our territory.

Young downstream cowboys try
clay flat, pickup, gooseneck
just inside the gate, diggings
piled behind the drive wheels
as I pass by.
                    Twenty years ago
                    I’d have stopped to help
                    got stuck
                    and they learn nothing.
                    Two hours back from town
                    with a burn permit,
                    they’re hooking up
                    on muddy asphalt.

High cold wet fog after rain
creek too high to cross
I clear my desk, bag years
of paper files for proof
                    of our busyness
                    for the burn pile:
                    dry summer prunings
                    up in smoke
                    lost in fog.


One response to “WINTER PICTURES

  1. Lenore Brashear

    We are miles North of you, Auburn area. The American River Canyon, North Fork, is shrouded in the same Sierra Foothills fog. 33 degrees my car’s thermometer has a snowflake pic beside it. If it were to rain we would have snow. But there is sunshine above the fog. My burn pile is too wet to burn, I have the permit ready, if it drys out.

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