photo: Bodhi Rouse

photo: Bodhi Rouse


Never figured on a sunset,
children, grandchildren around
a smoky Live Oak fire,
the SoCal storm bleeding north

                    above a frost-bitten garden—
                    dry stem tomatoes
                    and peppers hanging
                    like ornamental gifts
                    for Christmas.

I thought I escaped California in 1970
to ride back through time, didn’t think
I’d camp in one place this long.

Never figured on iPhone photos,
satellite dish for shade—
or planning for a future
that depends on water
and obsolescence.


6 responses to “ZEITGEIST or TOMATO SOUP SKY

  1. Good morning John;
    Your poem brought to mind an old Perry Como song; ‘Sunrise Sunset’ which, I think is from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. Full of nostalgia as is your poem.


  2. It’s the iPhone that is designed for obsolescence, your sycamores will never be…..

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  3. Splendid imagery, poignant thoughts . . .

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  4. John, stunning light.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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