The clouds you ride are tissue-paper thin.
                         – Red Shuttleworth (“If You Had a Tail Fins Caddy”)

High on the mountain, two isolated cows surprised
graze thick fog without wet bags, act guilty found
in one another’s company before their inevitable trip

to town when we gather, the price of truancy
they seem to know or hear through my eyes
and the mist between us, or pure imagination

that blooms personified from my disappointment.
A little too content to be on vacation from maternity
and needy nurseries, the mother in me understands.

Up here, the footing is treacherous, each tentative step
measured against all the break-through, downhill
possibilities—up here the poems hang in oak trees.


5 responses to “TWO COWS

  1. Love the photo, too, John.


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  2. I hope you get lots of rain.

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  4. “the poems hang in oak trees.” I picture them like Christmas ornaments hanging in a Christmas Tree. Beautiful poems glistening, interspersed with mistletoe.
    Get the cardboard ready to slide down a slick muddy hillside. Fun for all until mom sees ya covered in mud.


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