Heading into winter, black cows yet fat
sucking calves—damp, thick-piled green after rain—
everyone is clean and shiny off the hill, parading
to water early to laze in the shade. Pages

of poetry shuffle across a desk messy with business,
an untitled collection scattered and spread,
collected and clipped faraway in my head
from our family of cows, from short remarks:

our song of words and phrases overflowing
with the water troughs at Windmill Spring,
spilling too spontaneously to require editing.
We needed to collaborate, to escape the loud

and demanding devils too close to home.
In this place, we are blessed with native eyes
and forgotten tongues—where we can relate
long poems in the luxury of untamed silence.


One response to “UNTAMED SILENCE

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Love the poem about who you are, where you are . . . The line
    “we are blessed with native eyes
    and forgotten tongues”
    leaps out at me as truly poignant for the times in which we live . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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