Hereford Show Calf



It was chilly this morning when Robbin and I left to look at the calves on the Paregien Ranch, going up Ridenhour Canyon along the way. Though we employ a few select Hereford bulls for heterosis that have added frame, durability and a calmer disposition to our cowherd, we typically don’t have too many straight Hereford calves. At 30 days old, we caught this bull calf posing in the canyon’s early light as if he was aspiring to become an FFA/4H show calf.

Since we posted a photograph with his mother at five days old, I thought it appropriate to include a photo of his father, Ruger 119 from Mrnak Herefords West, ready to go to work for his fifth year on this ranch.




6 responses to “Hereford Show Calf

  1. That’s a good-looking calf, John.


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  2. Really beautiful, both of them. I love Herefords.

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  3. Herefords are my favourites as well – such stocky little beasts

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    • I was raised with Hereford cattle when my Dad started breeding our 2-year old replacement heifers to Angus bulls. We love our X-bred Angus, but I’ll always be prejudice towards Herefords.

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  4. Nice hind quarter on that calf, and obviously from the bull – I raised polled Herefords with my Dad in Sekiu, Washington – will always love a good looking Hereford!

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