Clouds at Dawn




9 responses to “Clouds at Dawn

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    One good thing about living out on the east`side of the mountains: we do get some dramatic sun`rises . . . Great pic . . .

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  2. Beautiful shot! What an emotive sky!

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  3. Really beautiful photo, John. There is a wonderful coolness to these mornings.


  4. If you did not know it was sunrise it could be fire roaring behind that ridge…

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  5. Great capture!
    Clouds. What a beautiful sight in Aug, as long as there is no lightning in them.

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  6. Don’t know if it’s an errant pixel, but there is an interesting red spot on the left side about a quarter of the way up when enlarged.


    • I’ve managed to find the red dot in most of the 50 shots, a reflection, I think, from the red clouds off of, perhaps, a mylar balloon hung up in an oak tree. Over about a 15 minute span, the dot turns whiter as the dawn progresses, or it may be a surveillance lens recording our slow plodding.


  7. CIA no doubt lol


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