It could be anytime past
that you brought back
and left to us

incubating hundreds
of turkey eggs,
illegally eliminating

as many predators
to keep a few alive
to become ‘street smart—’

at home in the wild.
You made the rules
you lived by

surviving yet beyond
your fences, ever
since you’ve been gone.

                                             for Gary Davis


3 responses to “TURKEYS GONE WILD

  1. The reintroduction of the wild turkey is great. The sad part is most will never see or hear them, as it seems all live on private property. Owners have provided better habitat than nature


  2. Los Angeles: Last Push to Stop the Tunnels

    Metropolitan Water District (MWD) wants to build a project known as the “twin tunnels” or the misnamed “California Water Fix.” These water tunnels would be built in Northern California to benefit corporate agriculture interests, but would cost us in SoCal billions and wouldn’t provide a drop of new water for our communities!

    These tunnels would drain the money we need to actually fix our water system.

    Our local cities have struggled for decades to fund real, 21st-century water solutions. We know that instead of throwing money into these tunnels we need to:

    Fix the aging pipes and water infrastructure beneath the city
    Reduce our dependence on imported water to create a more reliable and cost-effective water supply in SoCal
    Clean up our groundwater basins
    Do more to conserve water
    Invest in stormwater capture and recycling.


  3. I love the colors in the picture!

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