I let my hand run
upon paper with pencil,
let lines loose to find the grace

etched upon the walls of my mind,
imitate the random arcs
balanced against the tension

of gravity and time
lest I forget a world without
my awkward plodding.

In the foreground: slate gray grass
connects to tall stems bent
with petals across the page.


2 responses to “SIERRA SHOOTING STAR

  1. Love the photo. How do you blur out the. Background like that.


    • Using a macro lens helps focus closely, blurring the background. The lower the aperture setting (f-stop), the more background blur, but also the less focus on your subject. In retrospect, I would have liked to have taken some shots at a greater f-stop than 7.1. I think 11 would have sharpened all the petals with ample blur.


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