Robbin’s Pool



With the invaluable help of Joe Hertz, stonemason and fiddle player for Cowboy Celtic, down from the cold of Alberta, we have completed Robbin’s pool. For a number of years, we’ve been discussing the work with Joe, but due to the demands of our long drought, our plans were postponed.

After the completion of the hydroelectric facility at Terminus Dam, the inside cap of the tunnel feeding the turbines was removed and given to me for a water trough. Thirteen feet in diameter and 1/2″ thick, the steel cap weighed between 3 and 4 tons. I began work ten or so years ago to recreate the feel of swimming in the river with smooth river rock to sit on, but had reached beyond the limits of my abilities.


We utilized the pool during the summer, but with the sharp, cutting torch edges and unlevel state, it needed drastic help.


Joe needed a footing for his rock work, so Terri and formed it up using hog wire for rebar.


We rented a portable mixer and a bought a yard of concrete to wheelbarrow into place to finish.


Joe arrived on the 21st and has been laying rock ever since.



Yesterday morning we cleaned the rock and concrete with muriatic acid, rinsed and added water to see how it would look.



Thank you, Joe.


8 responses to “Robbin’s Pool

  1. Outstanding. Thanks for including us in this journey of creating Robin’s pool.
    What fun!

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  2. Tell Joe hi, and reserve me a place in the pool. Very cool, literally.

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  3. Love it! Thanks for the photos of the process.

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  4. John and Robin, thank you both very much for your hospitality and the stone work project. I’m grateful and proud to be part of journey!
    Chat soon!

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  5. Beautiful! Am so envious. Have envisioned something like this in our backyard for years – had to settle for a smaller, watering trough “cool tub.” s


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