In the dry and dusty years,
we did not ask much
from our night dreams

of brittle details to get by
day by day—no pastoral
pipe dreams, no comedy.

But we indulge the gods
because we must endure
their sense of humor.


4 responses to “FEED, WEEDS & WATER

  1. Every day I get nourishment for both my mind and my sense of irony straight from Dry Creek. What a great life!


    • Pat, I haven’t seen/heard the news in over a week, only rumors of horrible things. We haven’t time with spring exploding around us, planting garden and finding rock to refurbish Robbin’s pool–Joe Hertz, stonemason and fiddle for Cowboy Celtic, down from frigid Alberta to do the work. We’re having too much fun working!


  2. Do you by any chance participate in Cowboy poetry weekend in Durango? Seems like a good place for you.


    • No, I didn’t, but Durango is one of the best. I did attend a couple of times back in the early 90s, but I really haven’t the time to be away from the ranch anymore.


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