Spring Garden



It’s been a busy week with perfect weather. Robbin, Terri and I have worked the garden up and planted several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and eggplants amid the volunteer Golden Poppies,


while Joe Hertz, stonemason and fiddle player for Cowboy Celtic,
has been enclosing Robbin’s pool with river rock. Half-day today,
then barbecue and play music.



8 responses to “Spring Garden

  1. Very nice John

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  2. The wonder of the internet, which so often feels like a black hole, today lead me to Cowboy Celtic. How sweet is that?! Thanks, John.

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    • Apart from their music, our good Canadian friends. Since Joe’s been here, we’ve been FaceTiming regularly, as Joe and Robbin practice long distance with Dave and Denise, “Pony Called Love”, slated for their next CD. The wonders of the Internet.

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  3. Lovely! I like it when we take pictures to show the progress of our work, either inside or outside. Really gorgeous work you did.


    • Thanks, Evelyne. We make do with what we have, work around the volunteers, but there’s something so positive about spring, that progress seems to beget more progress. Happy Easter!!

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  4. Is that an olive tree back there with the ladder? If so, do you process them?


    • Good eye, Richard. Terri’s dad cured the best olives ever, this year. We’ve cured them in the past, but these were so good that Terri and I just pruned the tree in hopes of a bigger, better crop.


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