Easter 2014

Easter 2014


After rain in spring, I see my father
standing among a half-dozen others
atop fresh mounds of dirt, hear him

praise the Great Blue Heron as the best
‘gopher-getter around’. As the creek
warms, he glides up canyon early,

spends his days wading shallows,
coasting home in the gloaming.
Punctual, you could set your watch

by his circles to work each day,
depending on season and crop.
When it all mattered too much,

he’d slip up the road to check
the feed and fences, the condition
of my cows grazing with his herons.


2 responses to “HIS HERONS

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Yes, she is a magical bird: an omen of nature’s inclination toward balance . . .


  2. I never thought about them taking gophers. A versatile bird, indeed. Thanks to you, I have learned something new today and looking forward to more.


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