If it is Apollo’s steeds chomping at silver bits
I hear behind the ridge, eager to tow the sun,
bring the light like any other day, the future

to this cold, dark canyon—the last of the old load
of days to be dropped off before the New Year—
I’m ready early, hacking my last goodbyes

on paper, screening blessings from the dust
and drought behind me, I trust, having measured-up
to something I can’t see, head bowed, dragging

my feet in yesterday. We must lean into our collars,
move the wheel into new country, scatter virtue
like vigorous seed and hope for a bumper crop.


8 responses to “ADIOS TWO-FOURTEEN

  1. Adios 2014, Happy New Year 2015 🙂 Moving that wheel into a new year.

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  2. May your herd grow in 2015. Another head and grass to feed them, for each black eyed pea you eat New Years day.
    Another year put on our bodies yet our minds remain 33.
    Happiest of New Years to ya.

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  3. “We must lean into our collars / move the wheel into new country . . .” Tremendous lines . . . I see best when I see in imagery . . . Thanks! And Blessed New Year!


  4. I love all those metaphors.

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  5. The new year ushered in with your own inmitable style John…fabulous. Here’s to a Happy New Year and a easier 2015 for you and all your loved ones. 🙂 x


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