Old violence is not too old to beget new values.
                                                            – Robinson Jeffers (“The Bloody Sire”)

With ease, we have evolved to softer versions
of ourselves—no longer lean, Dust Bowl men
in coveralls waiting for work and a weather change,

sinew no longer strained to stretch the harvest
of endless furrows. Within earshot of lamenting
old men leaning on fences, I was part of a future

doomed with easy-living, and so I have been
by comparison, yet with little time for visiting
face-to-face, eye-to-eye. We have become immune

to the violence next door, alive in cyberspace, and
deaf to war—the clash of sword-on-shield or bigger
better guns barking how to cull the herd—with ease,

we have evolved to envy dumb animals and birds
in touch with the sky, yearning for ignorance
and bliss. And all the old values now lost to youth.


7 responses to “WITH EASE

  1. finely crafted poetry that resonates deeply in me


  2. Wonderful poem! I didn’t know you knew me so well! Have a wonderful Christmas, John.


  3. How very true, John! Also, love the photo! He reminds me of our Bidwell Hat Creek bulls we bought. Your words bring back so many memories of that wonderful life that I miss so. Thank you doesn’t cover it.


    • An old song, that we, with age, heard often, and that will probably always apply as each generation evolves, especially to this seemingly simple, but rewarding, way of life. Have a Merry Christmas, Sophie.


  4. Hope springs eternal that the youth will come through and make things better instead of worse. I fear we may have failed our parents on that front.
    Wonderful poem. Can’t say it any better than Paul.
    Have a marvelous Christmas and may God bless you and yours. (and all your followers as well) I wish all love, health and peace.


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