Dear Dawn, I await you in a cavern
of wet blackness, upstate exhaust hangs
between me and the suns and stars

of my reward, (or as far as I have seen
of infinity), as the dew from the last rain
clings to each unhealthy particulate,

camouflaged to look and feel like fog.
I have missed your smile, bright eyes,
and warm touch across the landscape

of my face, but we inhale this wet veil
holding clay slopes damp, moistening
each cotyledon struggling to break free

from the earth’s grip to make grass,
turn hills green with the circumambulation
of black dots—cows and calves grazing.

Another ugly day without you, feeding
hay in gray, but it ain’t all bad—
I’ll see you when I can. xxooxxoo, J.


6 responses to “XXOOXXOO

  1. We can’t even see Salt Ridge this morning! Don’t take any deep breaths. Sure is wonderful to see that green tinge spreading over the hills. Now if we can just get another good rain soon to keep the grass coming and to wash this dreadful air. Hope springs eternal, despite burning eyes and throats . . . . 🙂

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  2. oXo

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  3. I learned ANOTHER word reading your poetry – circumambulation. Hope the sun came out today.


    • Who’d a thought? I learned it from Gary Snyder’s poem, “Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais”. I liked the Zen connection of cattle with people. Peek-a-boo sun yesterday.


  4. I like this one……


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