We’ve been getting ready for a week—
cleaned the gutters and the woodstove,
stacked and corded oak and Manzanita,

brazed a soup bone with plenty meat
and vegetables, just in case the neighbors
drop by to watch it rain—some more.

Inch and a half overnight, we take
and release a deep, moist breath.
For all ingredients, just add water.


10 responses to “RECIPE FOR SOUP

  1. Love the photo and good to hear you are finally getting some rain.


  2. Wasn’t it just lovely to watch the rain? Happy you got a good amount.


  3. Finally, the dust washed off the cows to cover seeds yet to sprout

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    • Breathing much easier as we get used to the possibility of more normal living on the ranch. Already I notice I’m easier to get along with, less likely to fire
      at every annoyance, eager to take what comes in stride. The bare clay hills held a deep red color yesterday, and impossibly we thought we saw in the high old feed a tinge of green. Cheers, Kim 🙂


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