“I Wish It Would Rain”

The trailing end of a storm front that brought heavy rains to the Pacific Northwest lingered along our Sierra Nevada foothills all of yesterday, keeping temperatures in the mid-70s beneath dry, but fairly constant, cloud cover. The below-60° chill lasted well into the morning, a winter feel that made us want a fire. A near-perfect day as Robbin was playing and singing a Nanci Griffeth song in the other room while I was at my desk.

Humor us:

With the weather change, testosterone levels down at the bull pen (Go Giants!) have elevated a notch leaving me substantial fence to fix after they ostracized a young bull into our buffer zone between the cows and calves. Though he was the loser, he had found his way to the cows nevertheless, 30 days early — leaving a another job for today after we finish feeding.

The Internet weather prognosticators are still holding to fair chance of a 1/2-inch rain for Halloween:


Until then, we wish it would rain.


4 responses to ““I Wish It Would Rain”

  1. Prayers for rain for you all John from over here ❤

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    • As always, Jane, we’ll take whatever rain we can get. Yesterday was delightful, no longer cringing with the possibility of 100-degree summer days, even though the dust remains. Feeding somewhere everyday, the cattle are in good flesh, everyone ready for some green.

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  2. Wish we could send you some of our rain! Praying the rain will come!


  3. *fingers crossed* for rain this weekend. I love the music today. And yes…Go Giants!!


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