Writing poetry in the dark
before moving cows
and fresh calves
to better pasture,
I ask about the weather
on TV I’ve missed
over a weekend of
making more from less water
while you’ve planted seeds
for a fall garden—more
hopeful than ever before.

You say, ‘More of the same
for the next few days, cooler.’
Two years of dust and drought
have worn us down to basic stuff—
and we like what we see
in one another.


12 responses to “BASIC STUFF

  1. really enjoyed this one John! sally b. Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:20:14 +0000 To:

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  2. Really nice, John.

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  3. I like the restraint here and the twist at the end.

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  4. Love. Don’t love the weather report but love “and we like what we see in one another. “. Would love to see you two.

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    • Likewise, Meg. Our current job description is all too familiar and we’ve fallen into plodding once more, feeding more and more hay. Already thinking about Elko and hoping to hell that this is not an instant replay of last year. We miss our family terribly.


  5. Whatever action is taken to halt the droughts, it will take many years before it becomes effective.

    In the meantime we will have many years of water restrictions.

    Water conservation and waste prevention will become a major feature of our lives.

    A cartoon to illustrate where it may lead us to . . . .



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    • Always envious of cartoonists, Mick, and their hyperbolic eye — a necessary perspective for humans before changing their behavior. I sense, however, that the impacts of this current drought have yet touch very many Californians, or their pocketbooks, so the only change on the horizon will be more legislative posturing, more monitoring agencies and more weight and sacrifice for the working man to bear, none of which will be fair or effective, I’m afraid. Thanks for the comment.


  6. Love weaves … 🙂

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