Yesterday’s reflection,
could it be the wheel
attracting wild attacks?



5 responses to “THE WHEEL

  1. a narcissistic bird checking its reflection?


    • Not really, Jim. He spent most of yesterday morning attacking his reflection, lunging between the spokes, then circling the wheel to see where the other Roadrunner went. Finding nothing, he went on to the other rear wheel for more of the same and then back again. Entranced four hours straight, he hardly noticed me.

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  2. Roadrunner vs Roadrunner. Perhaps a challenge to race or maybe a bit of jealousy? Visions of the tortoise and the hare.


  3. Another thought, John – you know how they hate snakes; perhaps he thinks the tread is actually a snake – today’s dinner if he could only figure it out!


  4. That’s a precious shot! 🙂


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