“Zero Percent Water” — The Drought West of 99


This story was written by Alan Heathcock. It was edited by Mike Benoist, fact-checked by Ben Phelan, and copy-edited by Lawrence Levi. Photographs by Matt Black for Matter.

This is an exceptional read about the water problems in the Central Valley of California. Though we’ve seen little else but dust for the past eighteen months, though we’ve had to reduce our cowherd by 40%, the impact of the drought on us pales alongside the water problems west of US 99.

“Zero Percent Water”


2 responses to ““Zero Percent Water” — The Drought West of 99

  1. John – that was hard to read, which of course is why it NEEDS to be read. Thank you for posting the link.

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  2. Thanks for this John. Amazing story, and photographs…the best I have read on the valley so far……I have passed it on….

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