Eagle at the Windmill Spring


All tracks lead to water on a dry year like this one when good springs and stockwater may be miles apart. Checking the Windmill Spring yesterday, after feeding the cows on the Paregien Ranch, a young adult Golden Eagle I had seen a few weeks ago at the bottom water trough, was back for a bath.


The first time, it had been getting a drink while I spent fifteen minutes or so unplugging a pipe before I noticed it sitting on the edge of the old redwood trough in the oak trees about 150 feet below me. Yesterday, I could see its dark shape from the pickup when I arrived. Like the cattle, the wildlife becomes accustomed to the few humans they see, so I meandered closer snapping photos as I went.


I stopped at about 100 feet and it decided to continue its bath despite my presence.


After splashing and literally rolling in the water for several minutes, it was too wet to fly…



…and ran up the hill beating wings to dry its feathers.



3 responses to “Eagle at the Windmill Spring

  1. That eagle was not going to be denied his bath by somebody with a camera 🙂


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