Riding Drag

P6260006 - Version 2



WPC (1) — “Contrasts”


11 responses to “Riding Drag

  1. These photos you’ve been doing out with the cattle are fabulous!


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  3. I love all your posts but for some reason this one makes my heart ache with homesickness.


    • I loved this photo when I took it, Kim, perhaps the perspective and the dust, especially Robbin in back, almost like a dream. I was a little disappointed when I downloaded it, but if it made your heart ache, having been there, it’s fine.


  4. Your photo really shows how dry and dusty it is.


  5. Your shot is a great example of how the same subject can be shown in very different ways – see mine for this week and you’ll know what I mean. Love this capture! Really tells a story.


    • Yes, I know, you beat me to the punch with the black whitefaces. I was attempting too much with some young black and black whitefaced first-calf heifers lounging in the shade for my 2nd WPC. Too much contrast, but I’ll have a couple of more shots at them tomorrow and Tuesday on my may to change my irrigation water. Your series is great and well-thought out. 🙂 “Cows in the Country”


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