Early morning gather,
we occupy the foreground
close to corrals, the road,
a truck—short April grass.

Sort cows from calves—
weigh, wean and load
for fifty years since
they dammed the Kaweah

with another layer of man
we no longer notice
as we adapt like livestock
to the landscape.



5 responses to “TERMINUS 2014

  1. The layer of “man” … what a strong image.
    That… plus the layer of nature’s cycle of drought…
    I admire the perseverance, courage, and wisdom you share with such positive outlook,


    • Thanks, Jane 🙂 There are some things that are bigger than we are, that we can’t do much about, a lot of which is progress. We just have to learn, even at this late date, to adapt. (I just about left out ‘of man’ and struggled with ‘layer’ or ‘level’ because of the photo.) But we are survivors, emulating what we know of our natural surroundings, doing the best we can that also includes a decent mental attitude. Thanks so much for your comment.


  2. A wonderfully layered photo!


  3. Virginia McKee

    too many good cows went to town this year!


  4. Virginia McKee

    posted comment on wrong entry!


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