Mosaic – Ranch Update 3


Ever-hopeful and in anticipation of tomorrow’s rain, I took a few photos of today’s feed conditions, intending to concentrate on the filaree, having turned red a week or so ago in places, then purple and brown. A miraculous and extremely strong non-native cattle feed, it is the predominant species in dry years. With good moisture, it can come back to life and turn green again. With less than 4” of rain and only about 30 days left in our rainy season that averages about 16” annually, the grasses never really germinated completely, resulting in a mosaic pattern almost everywhere today.




Just through the fence that separates our driveway from the pasture, I wanted a good shot of where the filaree had turned a purplish brown, only to draw one of the Roadrunners nesting in some nearby Prickly Pear cactus, closer.


2 responses to “Mosaic – Ranch Update 3

  1. I’m glad I found your blog… and I’ll look forward to more entries. So is a dry spring on your ranch this year?


    • Me too, Coral, welcome. Two dry years back to back, we’re experiencing and trying to adapt to a historic drought in California, journaling as we go to who knows where.


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