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The hollow sounds before daylight,

hillside Roadrunners awakening in the black,

their plaintive solos, reverberating notes


awaiting an answer, a location, a place

to be filled in the future, a pile of twigs

within the spines of cactus


beneath this soft comforter of clouds,

days trailing a meager rain to shield us

and the dew upon the grass.


The day is yet empty, moments awaiting

purpose and order. In my mind, I see

the tools I’ll need to be useful.







In the early stillness
when sky is white
above the ridgeline,

hollow coos
of Roadrunners
spill off dark hillsides,

a sprinkle of sounds
almost like a song
for themselves—

or for all of us
who have endured
these years of drought

to rise early yet
to carry on
upon this earth.

Blessed are the birds—
may their gods
be ours.


Fourth of July Fireworks




We’ve been watching a pair of Roadrunners building a nest in a nearby cottonwood, what appear to be last May’s juveniles. Though we knew we had at least two hatches each year, we assumed both were from adult birds.

There is nothing scientific about our observations, no tags or names and we are not inclined to build blinds, put cameras on tripods and wait in 100 plus degrees to prove a point. Fortunately this was not a quick exercise, allowing time to go into the house last evening to get the camera with my 400 mm lens to catch this pair still engaged.