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                         And they establish foundations and give
                              some of the money back.
                                        – William Stafford (“Men”)

No pauses, anymore,
between wars.
No parades for heroes

stopping traffic
on Main Street—
no laurels for generals

to rest upon
when there are no ends—
just justified beginnings.

War is commonplace
like mountains in the distance
no one looks up to see,

too far from more
pressing matters
to consider unusual.




Dry hills soft, come dusk
before a promised chance
of rain, blond fuzz

of empty-headed grasses
teased by gusts
beg to embrace me,

to become lost
in the folds of canyons
and draws, absorbed

as someday I will be.
Dark breezes stir the senses
with anticipation,

transform baked clay
to breathing slopes
of warm flesh

and I am comforted—
home at last,
a chance for peace.