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It might have been a miracle

to have survived the 60s

and all its first-time diversions


beckoning, daring the unknown—

full-grown children loosed

to explore the candy store


with the ambush of War

stealing the black and poor first,

green jungle hungry for more.


Abstract at best, the future

failed to kindle dreams

beyond the minefields.








When hillsides leak,
it could be Kauai
less the rattlesnakes

denned nearby until
the first of March
to bathe in the sun.

When this draw runs
from Buckeye to Greasy
we have enough,

our measure of rainfall
filled with when
we fell in love.



She woke on the edge of a clear stream and made her way to a mansion built on pillars of gold, whose silver walls glowed like a lantern in the sun. She ventured inside to find floors of precious stones, rooms of treasure and art, and comforting voices that she could hear but not see that invited her to dine, to bathe, to sleep, and to enjoy every imaginable comfort. She fell asleep to a chorus of angels, accompanied by a harp. – Teresa Jordan, (“Cupid: The Soap Opera”) http://www.yearoflivingvirtuously.com/?p=1649


‘Tis Cupid come in darkness
to dance in dreams, dear Psyche –
how we yearn like children

to unlock deep chests,
to comfort and confirm
our richest vulnerabilities,

our nakedness in the light.
O’ to be so simply mortal
is the envy of all the gods!