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Long dark shadows in the canyons,

cattle hard to see.  They don’t need us now,

heads down somewhere on the mountain,


ground too wet to help them anyway—

all the excuses I need to write poetry.

We fed hay all last year, filled the barn


three times waiting for a rain. These Christmas

storms: miracles to rejuvenate the earth

for man and beast, birds and insects,


steep hillsides begging to explode in leafy

salad greens—iridescent gifts in the sunlight,

like the old days, for years in a row that


have since gone dry and farther in between.

Nothing stays the same, just ask the skeletons

of old oaks where the natives ground acorns.


Partners for a long time

on this earth



hills and canyons,

wet or dry,

side by side.


Close enough to touch

one another

in a storm,


comfort and embrace

with solid roots

and sturdy limbs.



until our grand stay here

finally decomposes.