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Rivers of cars and trucks compressed
between houses stacked like cordwood,
between parking lots and mini-malls
ready to serve anonymous strangers

usurp more earth, sterilize and seal it
from the sun and rain—level the landmarks
for living histories of neighbors and families
lending a hand, sharing labor, teaching

one another how to give and live together
without the siren’s wail I hear
in the shrinking distance—from the lights
at night that blot out constellations.

My anger has become a sad acceptance
of human ambition, the relentless waves
of wealth and debt that may go hungry with
no landscapes left to feed their souls or flesh.



Somehow, all the smart men forgot
that the only measure of our health is not
GROWTH, that maintenance of the body

is not only necessary, but creates jobs.
It is arrogance, of course, that manifest
DESTINY, that old code of the West

to build another somewhere else, appears
prosperous as the old digs crumble. It is a
GAME, these graphs and long equations

plugged with values damn few share.
There’s plenty of work everywhere you
LOOK! Why make repairs disastrous?