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Mt. Tamalpais – L.E. Rea (1868-1927)


                              …the cold passion for truth
                    Hunts in no pack.

                         -Robinson Jeffers (“Be Angry at the Sun”)

It is an art
not to be swept up
in the turbulence,

not to fear the storm
of words etched
in electric thunder,

when our ear drums can’t
quit reverberating
with the latest blow

from a hundred anvils
busy reshaping the truth
to fit the moment.

It is an art to savor silence,
to listen to where it leads
to what you know.




Mt. Tamalpais – L.E. Rea (1868-1927)


For a moment in the movie I was moved—
removed from the chaotic struggle for power,
the clumsy bad actors, the sick intrigue.

For a moment, the song sang for me,
free from the fetters of this flesh to float
on eagles’ wings above the discord of humanity.

For a moment, the photograph forgave me,
took me in and gave me eyes to see
the simple splendor of reality.

For a moment, I was the poem: it wrote me
beneath sharp peaks of granite scree
sunk deep into a blue, blue sky reflected

on Sierra snowmelt, white clouds passing.
What for the art have we to offer for release
but moments marked where we found peace.