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Who bankrolls

the nasty TV ads

that verge on slander,


the propositions

to make law

no attorney comprehends,


then leave it up

to the common man

to cast his vote


for the profit in IT,

be IT self-righteous egos

or just plain cash?


Imagine the power-rush

spending someone else’s money

and then to get paid


with all the perks

for IT

for life.




We are encouraged by storms
along the Mediterranean, thunderous
footsteps, masses of legs tangled with torsos

and arms waving, reaching beyond
rejuvenated eyes on the shores of Cairo
and Tripoli – encouraged by humanity.

The earth has quaked, floods have become
a work-in-progress – some ranges rise
while other mountains melt into farms.

This sun illuminates an instant age
of transparency – where secrets sell quickly,
and information cheap for Everyman

reaching for a dream. The despots fall
like fences under hoof as the herd
grazes fresh feed for a little while.