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Beneath clouds

the forecast rain peters out

to a light mist, heavy dew, a sip

to hold greening hills a week—

like always, I’m disappointed

wanting more

security for cows.


Today, we’ll cut skeletons

of brittle manzanita

into woodstove lengths

to bring Blue Oak coals

to flame each morning.


We’ll take the dog,

put out salt,

check cows and calves—

stack the brush

load the Kubota

and let her sit between us

all the way home.


Through the years

we have worn cow trails of our own.

Like always, we’ll see something

we’ve never seen before.




We float like leaves—
moments balanced
between extremes
we haven’t seen—
for small epiphanies:

                         the intersections
                         of imperfect circles,
                         elliptical orbits
                         of other planes
                         and gravities.

Season to season,
we float like leaves
as fodder for the earth
returning to the roots
and the skeletons of trees.