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American White Pelicans


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While photographing the wildflowers in Greasy last Sunday, I noticed the shadow of birds dancing on a patch of poppies. We found and watched them wheel and circle well above Sulphur Peak (3,400 feet) for ten or fifteen minutes, glinting in the sunlight. They are apparently migrating to the Northern Plains and Canada. During the latter part of the recent four-year drought, there were nearly a hundred in the gravel pits below Lake Kaweah, and from what I’m told, on the lake as well. Audubon Field Guide


The Good Signs

Great White Pelican

American White Pelican

This morning, while feeding, we ran across a pair of American White Pelicans in our irrigation pond. I don’t remember ever seeing pelicans around here, but I don’t remember everything. But we’ll take it as a good sign.

On my daughter’s blog for the archives she could hear 40-50′ waves crashing on the north shore of Kauai. On the midday news, the ticker tape mentioned waves of the same dimensions on the north shore of Oahu, ahead of hurricane force winds. High surf warnings are in effect from Ventura to San Diego Counties until Sunday afternoon. We’ll take all that as a good sign.

Today real clouds came in on a little wind to feel like rain, yet not exactly sure what rain feels like anymore, it felt good to us.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a change.