We never quite know

how our negligence

is ultimately received.


Somewhere upstream,

a tire too close to the creek,

became humor and irony


tumbling downstream

to balance and settle

with the flood debris—


a perfect amount

of seasoning for

a State of Emergency.


3 responses to “DESERT DUELLER

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, John. Hope everyone is safe.


    • These kinds of events are educational, or rather reinforce the basics. Impacts to us on the steeper ground are generally less than where the flood waters eventually settle with nowhere else to go. We haven’t left the canyon for 3 days, but judging from the damages in the flatlands on the local news, we’re in pretty good shape.


  2. Hey, pull that out. That’s what I use on my truck. ;o)
    Hopefully good sediment will help reinvegorize the farms below.


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